Techniques to identify Parasite hosting

Black hat SEO is a major trouble in the world of SEO. Some people use illegal method to move their position in the search results. Websites which use such methods can be black listed from every major search engines. Black hat SEO involves techniques like cloaking and parasite hosting. Measures are taken to reduce such illegal work, but eventually they fail. A little knowledge about the illegal methods can save a website from being black listed.

Parasite hosting:

Parasite hosting is the process of hosting a website on someone else’s server without the consent of the web master. It is generally done to increase the ranking of a web page. People who use parasite hosting in order to boost the ranking of a site in SERP will try to use inlinks on high authority sites. It is usually seen on a respective parasite domain a new page is created in order to rank a specific set of optimised keywords. It is usually done without the consent of the webmaster and it is illegal.

Techniques to identify and protect a site from Parasite hosting:

It is difficult to identify black hat SEO techniques, but a little precaution can help to solve this problem.

Monitoring the site: A constant check on the site can be of help. Any change in file system can help a person to understand whether their account is hacked or not. Keeping an eye on the website, analysing logs will help a person to identify if their site has been or not.

Update the software: Constantly update the software to the latest version. It makes hacking difficult. If a virus or a bug exploits the website, it will be seen in the program of the software.

Setup tools, which will notify, if the site is hacked: An eye must be kept on the security issue of the site. There are tools, which notifies the person, if the site has been hacked.Installing such tools can protect a site from being hacked.

Setup alerts: This notifies a person when new pages are indexed by search engines. Even if the hackers are very careful and highly skilled with their black hat SEO, one can still catch them in the act. With the help of proper tools, this problem can be solved very easily.

With a little precaution and proper tools, parasite hosting can be identified.

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