Search Engine Optimization or SEO includes everything that is needed to improve the position of a web site in any major search engine. On-site SEO refers to the tactics that involve any kind of direct edits that make the website’s files. These edits and the way the web sites are designed create a direct impact on the ranking of its position in any major search engine. Here are few tips that will help to develop tactics for on-site SEO.

Content of the page: Content is the most important part of any website. The content should have all the necessary information, which the user needs to know. The website must have proper titles and the description should be adequate, that is it should not be too long or too short. The content should be regularly updated so that the consumers can know about the facilities that are being provided. With the help of a good content, the ranking of the particular website can improve.

Proper internal linkage: Inter linking is effective through which a website can improve their ranking. Inter linking helps to improve page ranking efficiently. It also helps to increase the traffic for a website, which will in turn reduce the bounce rate. Bounce rate is a major concern for the authority of any major search engines. Linking of old post to the new articles or posts helps to increase the traffic, as people might visit the old posts too.

Speed: Considering the other factors, loading time of a page is also an important aspect in order to increase the ranking of a website. To improve the ranking of any website speed is essential. Major search engines have ranked speed as an important factor. It is good for the users as well as the search engines. Reducing the size HTML, CSS, Java script helps to improve the speed of the website.

Display: Display is an important aspect. It helps to improve the traffic of a website. Helping the search engines to display the contents of the page is an effective way to improve the position of the website. If the website offers images, proper highlighted content, videos then the audience and the visitors will have a picture as what the web site is about and what their work is about along with the facilities and the benefits that will be provided by the website.

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